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Nozzle Sizing Chart

Water is an incredibly powerful force when delivered under pressure, with a low-pressure washer nozzle spraying at a wide angle safe for washing your car's finish, while high pressure, acute angle delivery could actually cut right through the steel!

Important factors to consider when choosing the correct nozzle for a specific application are your equipment's PSI & GPM ratings, nozzle size and angle (fan) degree. This nozzle size chart allows you to easily select the correct nozzle size by cross-referencing your unit's GPM and PSI ratings to arrive at the correct standard nozzle size listed in the far left column.

Our nozzles are color-coded to indicate angle degrees. When choosing a cutting nozzle size, choose a red tipped, 0° unit for best results. A water jet nozzle will typically be a green, 25° tip or, for washing vehicles, a white, 40° tip.


Installing Power Washer Pumps

Have questions about how to install a pump on a pressure washer? You are not alone! Check out the graphic above to see some water pump FAQs pertaining to water pump installation as well as very well-informed answers to each one. Having the answers to such common questions can help you make the right decision when purchasing parts for your pressure washer, making for the most effective use of your tools and your time!

Come to pwoutlet for all the pressure washer parts, accessories and information that you need so that you can get the job done right the first time.


Threaded Pipe Measurements

Learn all you need to know about standard pipe thread sizes and how to measure the diameter of a pipe right here at pwoutlet, not only your one-stop shop for all your pressure washer parts and accessories, but a great source of information on the subject as well. Find out all you need to know about threaded pipe fitting dimensions from our pipe sizing chart as well as our threads per inch chart. Ordering the right sized fittings has never been so easy!

We have a wide selection of pressure washer parts and accessories that are affordably priced and include detailed product descriptions to make your shopping experience simple and efficient. Shop today for all your pressure washer needs!



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