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Pump Selector Assistant

Use our step-by-step pump selector
assistant to find the pump you need.

Vertical & Horizontal Pressure Washer Pump Replacements

Finding the proper pump replacement for your power washer can be accomplished even without access to your particular equipment's model number. We've put together a step-by-step Pump Selector Assistant (PSA) to make it easy. Not sure whether you have a horizontal pressure washer pump or a vertical pressure washer pump? Consult the model above for easy reference.

The process begins with selecting your machine's water pump type/configuration either vertical pump or horizontal pump. You'll then be asked to indicate your pump's shaft length, either 2" or 3", and whether the hoses on your equipment connect at the front, side or rear. You'll then be presented with a pictured description listing of the best vertical or horizontal shaft pressure washer pump replacements for your machine, including high pressure water pump options that can be perfectly matched to your unit's specific engine size, GPM and PSI ratings.