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Mi-T-M Power Washers | Performance Under Pressure

Mi-T-M Power Washers have been the industry leader for more than three decades, built to industrial standards, stringently performance tested by independent reviewers and designed for use by both homeowners and contractors alike. The line includes both cold and hot water Mi-T-M gas and electric pressure washer units, as well as a wide range of engine power and pressure options.

Gas models start with 2500 PSI, 2.3 GPM cold water pressure wash units powered by a choice of a Honda 160 cc engine or a Subaru 170 cc engine, both featuring an Mi-T-M axial pump. Sizes increase in increments to the top-line 4000 PSI, 3.5 GPM power wash cleaning behemoths featuring a choice of 389 cc Honda or 404 cc Subaru, both with AR Triplex pumps. Electrically-powered hot water pressure wash machines are available in 1500 and 2000-PSI versions, with 3500 PSI, 3.5 GMP gas-powered models also available. Shop for your replacement Mi-T-M 2700 & 3000 PSI pressure washers today. All of our Mi-T-M pressure washers for sale here ship FREE!