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How to Store a Pressure Washer for Winter

Preparing a pressure washer for winter is not complicated or time consuming, but necessary. By making sure your pressure washer is stored properly throughout the winter, you ensure your pressure washer will not be damaged by the elements, but properly maintained and long lasting. Below are easy to follow instructions on how to store a pressure washer for winter.

1. With the ignition OFF empty the pump of water by pulling on the recoil handle about six (6) times.

2. Add Pump Saver*:

a. Attach bottle to inlet

b. With the ignition OFF pull on the Recoil Handle 2 times while gently squeezing the bottle.

3. Flush the pump with fresh water before the next use.

*If Pump Saver is not available RV-antifreeze (antifreeze without alcohol) can be used.