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How to Remove and Install a Pressure Washer Pump

Save money by removing and installing a replacement pressure washer pump yourself. Below are easy to follow instructions with pillow to help you remove and install a pressure washer pump.

1. Do not disassemble the pump. Simply remove the bolts securing the pump to the engine mounting point. Horizontal pumps will have 4 bolts while most vertical pumps will have 3 (a few verticals mount with 4). See pictures below.

2. Pull the pump off the shaft – it may be seized to the shaft so if it is, try some penetrating oil. After allowing the penetrating oil to do its job gently pry the pump loose or use a bearing puller to pull it off.

3. Watch for the key falling out since you will need it to install the new pump.

4. Put a light coating of anti-seize or oil on the engine shaft

5. Using a bit of grease. “glue” the key in the engine shaft keyway to help keep it in place.

6. Slide the new pump on the shaft ensuring the key stays in place.

7. Install and tighten the blots to secure the pump to the engine.

8. Connect your hoses and as usual turn your water source on first then give it a go.

Please note: Disassembling the pump rather than removing it entirely can result in the shaft housing still being attached to the engine shaft. The pictures on the right shows the engine shaft after the complete pump assembly was properly removed.

The bottom two pictures show the pump shaft housing still installed on the engine shaft then partially removed.