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Best Tips To Make Your Pressure Washer Last a Lifetime

You probably know all the outstanding benefits of owning a pressure washer. But what do you do when your pressure washer isn't working as it should? Your pressure washer allows you to clean diverse types of surfaces thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently. In addition, pressure washers can help you save water and energy. However, as with any tool, pressure washer pump parts eventually wear out. Here is a guide on what you need to know about this versatile tool.

Understanding Your Pressure Washer Pump Parts

The core elements of a pressure washer are the pump, hose and spray nozzle. Pressure washers use either a gas engine or an electric motor to power the pump, forcing water through a hose to a concentrated nozzle at high pressure. The resulting blast washes accumulated grime on surfaces like decks, driveways, and patios.

When water enters the machine, it flows into a double-walled casing around the motor, which keeps it cool. The motor then drives a wobble plate, and the wobble plate in turn moves the three pistons up and down. The cleaning agent, if used, is then added to the injector. The water flows out of the pump and into the high-pressure gun.

When you purchase a pressure washer, look at all the
pressure washer pump parts and get to know them. It will help you in the future when you need to maintain your appliance. Choosing a quality brand that offers replacement parts, if necessary, is essential. Pressure washers from brands like Udor, FNA, OEM, General, and Hawk are all great choices.

Evaluating the Condition of Your Pressure Washer

Consider many things if your pressure washer is not acting quite right. All of the components need to function well and together to get the high-powered water jet you need. Some problems are more evident than others. For instance, you can visibly see if the spray gun, hose, and tip are malfunctioning. There are other hidden parts that you cannot see, and if not working correctly, they can make your pressure washer run inefficiently.

Just like a car that needs a routine maintenance schedule, a pressure washer needs care and attention. The best way to ensure your pressure washer starts and runs every time is by performing regular maintenance before and after each use. Look for guidelines in the user manual included with your machine. Inspection and care before and after each use will help you troubleshoot any issues immediately.

Using Rebuilt Pressure Washer Pumps

Your pressure washer's pump is the core of your machine. A good pressure washer pump should last up to a decade. It may seem economical to buy a lesser-quality item, but inexpensive pumps can last a shorter time, costing you more money. For longevity, be mindful of overheating or overusing it with the wrong valve settings. If your machine stops, so does your work.

When your machine breaks down, take the time to evaluate the pressure washer pump parts and see if a rebuild kit is what you need. It is essential to factor in the age of the pump and whether there is evidence of irreparable damage. You should only consider a rebuild if it costs less than half the price of a new one.

Purchasing a pressure washer pump rebuild kit can be a money-saving option to keep from buying a brand-new pressure washer. You can find one quickly if you have a reputable name brand. It is crucial to know the style of pump your pressure washer uses. Pumps made by Karcher, Comet, AR, Mi-T-M, and AAA are some of the most common.

Enhancing Pressure Washer Accessories

You can add some great things to your pressure washer to make a challenging job more efficient and fun. Opting for items like an extended wand can let you clean those hard-to-reach places more easily. If your job has you cleaning an ample space, some additional tools, such as a new spray gun or a longer hose, may be handy. A list of what you can pressure wash goes beyond the obvious; think about cleaning your boat, the dog kennel, and the swing set out back. The pressure washer's use is limited only by your imagination.

Spray guns and hoses come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Be sure to choose the type that is best for your project, whether you want different jets (depending on the tip used), trigger locks, or an auto shut-off for convenience. As with many other pressure washer parts, nozzles and hoses are not interchangeable on most machines. One misconception is that they are the same because they are color-coded, a common mistake you should avoid.

Replacing Pressure Washer Pump Parts

Approximately 925 gallons of water can flow through a regular home garden hose in an hour, yet a pressure washer will use just 100 to 150 gallons when connected to that same hose. Due to the high water pressure, your work speeds up and saves you time and money. Having hours of a steady, high-pressure water flow is advantageous while working. However, when your washer is not functioning correctly, it may be as simple as replacing a single part on your pump rather than a total rebuild or replacement.

Pressure washer pumps come in two different types, each offering specific individual components. One type, a reciprocating pump, uses diaphragms, pistons, and plungers. The other is a rotary pump that uses gears, lobes, screws, and vanes. The ideal choice depends on budget and job prerequisites.

Be aware that not all pressure washer parts are universal, nor are they always interchangeable. They may differ in fittings from machine to machine and may not fit together correctly. Some pressure washers are brand-specific, meaning they will only work with accessories from the same manufacturer.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Efficient Pressure Washer

Pressure washer pump parts are just a part of what makes your pressure washer run efficiently. You want the best components available so your device will keep running smoothly for as long as possible. Building your knowledge on what's available to maintain your water pressure machine will significantly benefit you. This way, you can return to what you value most, like taking that boat back on the water. When properly maintained, your pressure washer will remain strong with little effort.